MotoGP 2015 17 May 2015

Rossi Remains on Top, Marquez Failed to Compete Well

It turns Jorge Lorenzo won a victory not pleased in MotoGP this season. After a simple win in Jerez, Spain, this Yamaha rider team once again became a byword when other riders managed to go beyond the magnificent. Jorge Lorenzo reached the surface line in minute 43: 44 143 sec.

Yamaha YZR-M1 ridden by Jorge Lorenzo has constantly had its own power, although Lorenzo had doubts about his condition. Contended in the well-known Le Mans circuit with steep turns, Lorenzo confessed a little worried at the beginning of the race. The weather condition was hot as well as the condition of the wheels that had little unsteady he thought he did not make an optimum increased to end the 4th round. “After I was encouraged that I was the prime condition of the motor-wheels, engine and brake-then I speed up the pace after the 5th round,” he said.

Le Mans is still friendly to Valentino Rossi. MotoGP living legend is still proving his expertise compared to other young riders. Rossi masters second with a time of 43m 47.963 s where before he needed to safeguard his position threatened taken by Andrea Dovizioso. Ducati rider from Italy who likewise reached the finish in the 43m minute to 56 523. While Marc Marquez did not reach the 3rd position as he went into the surface line in 44 minutes to 4033. Andrea Iannone on the Ducati, followed behind Marquez with a time of 44m 4.380 s. This time, among the UK Honda rider, Cal Crutchlow, was required to leave the circuit due to a mishap that triggered the bike does not work any longer.

Lorenzo still felt lucky due to the fact that he is superior to the four or 5 other riders who have a contiguous range. The Le Mans circuit, according to Lorenzo, he easily goes through lots of twists. “I am extremely lucky since it has been gone beyond Marc from the beginning and Dovizioso in the very first corner. I am more confident since I can brake swiftly, keeping the girth the bend and broaden because no driver is too close, “stated Lorenzo unlock its keys. Nevertheless, he hesitated of the saw Valentino Rossi followed in tow. Fortunate, he was master circuit and handled to keep his range from it.

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Because the beginning of the MotoGP this season held, Lorenzo needs to be disappointed in three races previously. However, the Jerez circuit, Spain, and Le Mans, France, to prove that a rider who is still venerable. Lorenzo increasingly hopeful face a race at the end of May, in Mugello, Italy. “I will compete with Rossi, a really shrewd competed in the circuit.

Rossi did have to defend the achievements as riders who are on the top of the standings with a value of 102, which is extremely far adrift of his competitor, Jorge Lorenzo is currently being filched 87 points. According to him, the loss of Lorenzo at Le Mans is pure ability Yamaha teammate. “I just thank the whole team Yamaha motorcycle that has been modified both people. We both look best, and myself able to control the race and the optimum pace.

Although ranked third, Andrea Dovizioso was not too disappointed. Rather, it assumes that Lorenzo should have lead. Dovizioso was at the start of the present row beginning position. In reality, the Italian rider of the Ducati group is likewise ranked 2nd in the round kualifikas. When preceded by Lorenzo at the first corner, he had problem chasing him, not to mention beyond it.

Difficult Race for Riders of Repsol Honda

Among the Honda riders mainstays, Marc Marquez experienced lots of difficulties to penetrate the huge three. Even in the fifth round, he actually slipped to 6, although he managed to exceed Smith, then Iannone. After each race, Marquez was completed surface in fourth. An achievement that is entirely disappointing for Marquez. “The weather is greatly made the condition of the body and the motor turns. Obviously, this applies to all Honda bike. “He stated this since fellow group, Cal Crutchlow experienced damage to the motor, so it can not reach the surface.